Why we began and who we are today

Establishing North Homes

Across 25 years of experience in the industry, Philip Taylor found that construction companies were becoming too commercialised. Their one-size-fits-all service packages were restrictive and missing the personability that people wanted.

For North Homes, this is where our story begins. With his experience, and background in civil and structural engineering, Philip founded a construction service that could be tailored to anyone’s requirements.

To achieve this level of assistance, we needed to do more than cater to all budgets. Rather, we found that all-encompassing support stemmed from a team of innovative minds and partnerships with a diversity of specialists.

So we grew! Our team evolved, becoming a collective of passionate workers that’s made by our family, friends, and a network of talented sub-traders. We made North Homes real, because that’s just what we do... We listen to your dreams, focus on your goals, and build them into reality.

For me, construction doesn’t start and end with building. You’ll find the journey is bigger than that. It’s a time to realise your dreams and establish them into reality.
— Philip Taylor

Our Unique Team

  • Philip Taylor
    Managing Director
  • Philip Taylor

    After spending 25 years in the Auckland residential market, Philip found that
    traditional group construction companies had become too commercialised.
    There needed to be more flexibility for different budgets and opportunity
    for innovation.

    Backed by his education in civil engineering and years of relationships
    with talented architects, sub-traders, and suppliers, he founded North Homes.
    The ambition, he will tell you, has always been to offer personability, trust,
    and excellence.

    Creative by nature, when Philip isn’t working with passionate clients on their
    unique projects, he’s at home with family. Most likely to be found painting in
    the sun, devising inventive ways to add paint to canvas.

  • Glenda Griffin
    Office Manager
  • Glenda Griffin

    With her administrative expertise and long-held interest
    in building beautiful homes, Glenda brings a certain
    charisma to the North Homes team.

    Ambitious to provide a supportive and relaxing client
    experience, she’s always focused on enhancing the overall
    journey. Her motto: “nothing’s too hard”.

    And when she’s not working passionately in the office?
    Expect to find Glenda improving her golf game or catching
    up with family and friends.

  • Mark Rouse
    Construction Manager
  • Mark Rouse

    Throughout his building career, Mark has considered it most
    important to construct with precision. For him, no project is
    complete until it reaches the finest degree of quality.

    Having spent over two decades as a builder in New Zealand, he
    brings years of expertise, sharp attention to detail, and a
    distinct knack for organisation.

    Known for his honesty and excellent communication, Mark’s
    friendly nature has a big presence. It’s a strength that carries
    from our team and clients through to coaching rugby on weekends.

  • Geoff Henry
    Project Manager
  • Geoff Henry

    Before joining North Homes, Geoff worked as a dedicated
    Account Manager for Placemakers. Initially, it was his enjoyment
    for creating that inspired him to join the construction industry.

    But after years of experience, his passion developed into a
    combination of rich industry knowledge and managerial expertise.
    It’s this vibrant talent of his which now leads several of our projects.

    As for his character, you’ll find Geoff is personable and highly
    resourceful by nature. He’s always dependable and offers genuine
    assurance to every person who works with him. However, when out
    of office, he swaps building sites for the sea to sail around on his yacht.

  • Alex Manning
    Project Manager
  • Alex Manning

    With his degree in Geology, Alex brings an important dynamic to
    our team; that being his rich knowledge of Earth’s foundations
    and a focus on sustainability.

    A true enthusiast for working in practical environments, he joined
    the construction industry to immerse himself in hands-on projects
    where he could also apply his expertise.

    Day-to-day you will find him enthusiastic and working diligently as
    a Project Manager. He’s resourceful, notices the finer details, and,
    with those skills, he makes an excellent problem solver.

  • Nate Taylor
    Quantity Surveyor
  • Nate Taylor

    Nate has always been fascinated by architecture and its effect on
    occupants/surrounding societies. But it wasn’t until studying commerce
    that he found his skill for financial management; opening a door to a role
    in building.

    Enthusiastic to enter the industry, shortly after graduating Nate moved to
    London where he travelled and worked hard as a quantity surveyor. In this
    time he gained dynamic experience with a focus on high-end residential.

    When time came to come home, he found the perfect opportunity to bring
    his fresh expertise to our team. Known for his distinct determination, every
    day you will find him exploring the best options for establishing quality.

  • Callum Rouse
    Lead Builder
  • Callum Rouse

    For as long as he can remember, Callum has loved working with
    his hands to build while exploring the possibilities of how you
    can craft. This passion inevitably led him to find his place in the
    construction industry.

    We consider him up and coming talent here at North Homes - though
    not solely because of his devotion to the trade. It’s also due to his
    determination and forward-thinking mindset.

    These are valuable qualities which he brings every day on site and
    can always be found in the innovative details of his workmanship.

Our Unique take on the Building Process

  • Design
  • Contract
  • Construction
  • The ideas and planning phase

    Start from scratch or work with your existing plans. We can assist with design no matter where you are in the process and deliver an accurate cost proposal early on. During this phase our team will help you turn your “wish list” into realistic concepts. This includes looking at finer details and customising the design to suit your lifestyle, site, and budget.

    We will later introduce you to every specialist you may need. This might include a colour consultant, kitchen designer, or flooring supplier. Whoever it is - you can rest assured that you’ll be connected to the most trusted experts in the industry. Meanwhile, in the background, our team will investigate any further aspects important to your project; from installing solar power to using specific materials.

  • The technical stuff

    Because no project is ever the same, we offer bank-friendly, flexible contracts that can cater to any financial situation. This could mean setting a fixed price, a guaranteed maximum spend, or going ahead with an open book. During this contract phase, North Homes will become your acting agent and begin preparing the technical details.

    These include arranging your project’s engineering, commissioning the working drawings, organising necessary consents and any city requirements. As registered Master Builders, you’ll also receive the association’s 10-year Master Build Guarantee - the ultimate protection for undertaking construction in New Zealand.

  • Bringing it all together

    Construction, the final and most exciting step that will bring your dreams to life. This process begins with the earthworks and foundations. At this early point, you’ll be able to see your new home being mapped out. Next, our builders will stand the frames and put on the roof.

    Once your home is weather-tight, all the interior design flair will begin to take effect. This is where you’ll come to appreciate our quality workmanship and attention to detail that makes your home uniquely yours. Welcome to your new home – it’s time to move in!

We Work With Trusted Suppliers

Another key to a unique home is working with suppliers and trades that deliver quality and value on time. North Homes has chosen reliable people who we trust. You will get the benefit of their commitment to good advice and quality workmanship. These really are guys who turn up when they say they will!

Registered Master Builders

North Homes is proudly a Registered Master Builder and benefits from the support and oversight of this specialist industry body.

Whether you’re building or renovating, the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee offers you peace of mind and confidence during the construction process:

  • It adds value to your property
  • It’s fully transferable if you decide to sell
  • It can help with financing your build

We strongly recommend you visit the Registered Master Builders website to see the full range of benefits you can enjoy. All contracts with North Homes are based on their Residential Building Contract and we are happy to discuss this further with you.

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