Our Approach

Tailored to Your Needs

When looking at what makes excellent architecture, you’ll find that behind the build is always a diverse team of skilled professionals. It’s a type of support that offers both comfort and endless opportunities for innovation.

This experience is exactly what we sought to create when designing our approach – but without the exclusivity. Instead,we made sure that our end-to-end service was one that could be tailored to any budget.

So we made it happen. No building project of ours is ever the same and we proudly uphold that bespoke nature across all services.

Crafting With Purpose

The building process is a great challenge and one that you want to get right from the start. Focused on your objectives, you can trust our team will have your project planned, designed, and built to fulfill its greater purpose.

Whether you’re passionate about sustainability, a specific design movement, a type of functionality, or perhaps all three… We can make any dream a possibility.

Focused on Consistency

Though construction projects are exciting and welcome innovation, they’re also detailed and depend on a variety of components coming together.

This practical aspect is one that demands more than having a passionate team. Sure, devotion helps, but it’s really consistency that enables excellence.

So naturally, we’ve considered consistency a key value since day one. The result? Exceptional quality, every time,and delivery you can rely on.

Our Unique take on the Building Process

  • Design
  • Contract
  • Construction
  • The ideas and planning phase

    Start from scratch or work with your existing plans. We can assist with design no matter where you are in the process and deliver an accurate cost proposal early on. During this phase our team will help you turn your “wish list” into realistic concepts. This includes looking at finer details and customising the design to suit your lifestyle, site, and budget.

    We will later introduce you to every specialist you may need. This might include a colour consultant, kitchen designer, or flooring supplier. Whoever it is - you can rest assured that you’ll be connected to the most trusted experts in the industry. Meanwhile, in the background, our team will investigate any further aspects important to your project; from installing solar power to using specific materials.

  • The technical stuff

    Because no project is ever the same, we offer bank-friendly, flexible contracts that can cater to any financial situation. This could mean setting a fixed price, a guaranteed maximum spend, or going ahead with an open book. During this contract phase, North Homes will become your acting agent and begin preparing the technical details.

    These include arranging your project’s engineering, commissioning the working drawings, organising necessary consents and any city requirements. As registered Master Builders, you’ll also receive the association’s 10-year Master Build Guarantee - the ultimate protection for undertaking construction in New Zealand.

  • Bringing it all together

    Construction, the final and most exciting step that will bring your dreams to life. This process begins with the earthworks and foundations. At this early point, you’ll be able to see your new home being mapped out. Next, our builders will stand the frames and put on the roof.

    Once your home is weather-tight, all the interior design flair will begin to take effect. This is where you’ll come to appreciate our quality workmanship and attention to detail that makes your home uniquely yours. Welcome to your new home – it’s time to move in!

Unique Showcase Homes

North Homes really understood how we wanted to live. Phil and the team went above and beyond with every aspect of the process to make it our unique home.
— NT, Warkworth

Registered Master Builders

North Homes is proudly a Registered Master Builder and benefits from the support and oversight of this specialist industry body.

Whether you’re building or renovating, the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee offers you peace of mind and confidence during the construction process:

  • It adds value to your property
  • It’s fully transferable if you decide to sell
  • It can help with financing your build

We strongly recommend you visit the Registered Master Builders website to see the full range of benefits you can enjoy. All contracts with North Homes are based on their Residential Building Contract and we are happy to discuss this further with you.

We Work With Trusted Suppliers

Another key to a unique home is working with suppliers and trades that deliver quality and value on time. North Homes has chosen reliable people who we trust. You will get the benefit of their commitment to good advice and quality workmanship. These really are guys who turn up when they say they will!

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