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With a strong track record of using best practices, high-quality brands, and reputable trade partners, we specialise in our services to exceed your expectations.
New Builds

Building a home demands a variety of components; most of which require help from a range of services. This is why our approach is set on supporting the entire journey.

From start to finish and everywhere in-between, we have the diversity of expertise needed to assist with every step. It’s a level of support we’re proud to provide that allows you to focus on the creative and finer details of your new home.

So, where are you at right now? Perhaps you’ve been sketching floor plan designs or maybe you’re ready to begin construction… Whatever it may be, we’re here to help you take the next step.

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Renovations & Recladding

An important part of renovating is the design and planning phase. Plan it poorly and you might end up with a load of unwanted costs.

With years of experience working on low to high-cost renovations, our experts have the knowledge you need to minimise risk and maximise the full worth of your budget.

Perhaps you need a designer, maybe you’re mid-construction with a budget that needs reassessing, or you could be at the very start of understanding the complexities in altering an existing building. What stage you’re in, we can assist.

Taking a closer look at our renovation services, we specialise with internal fit-outs, recladding, extensions, and demolition.

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Taking on development is a large-scale project that comes with an equally great opportunity to create value and earn. But it’s not done so quickly… Making success comes down to careful planning, smart designing, and effective building.

For these tasks, you need more than one professional’s assistance. More rather, you need a crew of professionals with specific knowledge. It’s a support hard to come by and one that we’re proud to provide.

What our team promises to deliver is assistance with every stage of your development project. Be it advice on choosing a site, planning subdivisions, or developing on existing sites; we provide guidance that gets you closer to your goals.

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Our Approach

Because no project is ever the same, we tailor our building process to suit your needs. From the designers you love to the contract you need - we can make it happen.

Registered Master Builders

North Homes is proudly a Registered Master Builder and benefits from the support and oversight of this specialist industry body.

Whether you’re building or renovating, the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee offers you peace of mind and confidence during the construction process:

  • It adds value to your property
  • It’s fully transferable if you decide to sell
  • It can help with financing your build

We strongly recommend you visit the Registered Master Builders website to see the full range of benefits you can enjoy. All contracts with North Homes are based on their Residential Building Contract and we are happy to discuss this further with you.

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